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Door Plaques


Door Plaque

These door plaques have a hand painted finished look.  We do all the art work and design and then have them printed. We then make them up and add glittery, hand painted, lettering to make them extra special. There is no need for any DIY to hang them as they come complete with sticky pads! Measures 18cm x 8cm.


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Art Work Peg Hangers
Out of stock

Children love bringing their art work home from school or nursery, to be displayed and admired.  These Plaques measure 23cm x 10cm (9" x 4") (plus hanging cord). Clips are provided on the back to secure hanging hanging place for a budding artist's work.  The cord hanger needs just a nail or hook to hang from.

If you need any other message put onto the hangers, please could you contact or email me.

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